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Classic Car Hire

Hire A Classic Car And Experience The Golden Age Of Motoring

Do you ever imagine yourself behind the wheel of a classic car?

Sweeping down the road with the top down, wind in your hair, heads turning as you pass by in your classic roadster.

It’s a dream for anyone who likes cars.

Now, of course, buying a classic car can cost you the earth. So, you’ve probably always thought it would stay a dream.

But, by hiring a classic car from us, you can experience a piece of motoring history at a snip of the purchase price.


Hire a classic car for the weekend

This is one of our most popular options, as hiring a classic car makes any weekend away one to remember! For pricing information on weekend classic car hire, visit our prices page.

And when you hire a classic car from us, we’ll bring it to you – wherever you are in the country – and pick it up. Or, you can pick up and drop off at our depots in Bristol, Cheshire and London. We also offer a ‘meet and greet’ service at UK airports, so you can hire a classic car and hit British roads in serious style.

Enquire today about hiring a classic car – call 020 7833 8000 or email

We have a whole range of classic cars for you to hire

Austin Healey HMC Hire

Austin Healey HMC 3.9 MK IV

Hire this classic car and enjoy a little bit of luxury. Not only does it look great and handle beautifully, but you get special touches like a carpeted floor and mohair roof.

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Ferrari 355 GTS Hire

Ferrari 355 GTS

24 HOUR Midweek £ 575 150 mile allowance Additional Days £250 £5,000 Deposit Minimum Age 28 4 Day Weekend Fri – Mon £ 1,295 300

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Ferrari Dino Hire

Ferrari Dino 206 GT

One of the most sublimely beautiful classic cars ever built. This luxury two-seater is known as the Dino, after Enzo Ferrari’s son, and owes its striking god looks to the work of legendary designer Leonardo Fioravanti.

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Morgan +4 Hire

Morgan +4

First built in 1950, this is classic car hire for anyone who wants to hark back to a time when motoring was an exclusive experience.

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Morgan +8 Hire

Morgan +8

This ultralight, low-slung classic car is an absolute treat to drive. It looks great as well, with a sumptuous red-leather interior.

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Morgan 4/4 1.6 Sport Hire

Morgan 4/4 1.6 Sport

Hire this classic car and you get a Morgan for the modern age, with all the sublime good looks that define the brand – along with modern technology and reliability.

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Morris Minor Hire

Morris Minor

Hire this classic car you get your hands on a very special slice of English motoring history. A truly iconic automobile.

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Whichever one of our classic cars you choose to hire, you know you’re getting a quality, fully roadworthy vehicle. Because – unlike many of our competitors – we own every single classic car we hire out. So, we service and maintain them ourselves and can tell you exactly when they are available.

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