Prestige Car Hire

Rent A Prestige Car And Live Your Dream

Few people know what it feels like to drive a prestige car.

Less than 1% of the population will ever get behind the wheel of a top of the range marque – such as an Aston Martin, Bentley or Rolls Royce.

But everybody wants to drive one. And it’s easy to see why people are so attracted to these incredible vehicles.

They really are the finest cars in the world. Everything about them, from the ultra-comfortable leather seats to the powerful, purring engine, is a masterpiece of engineering and design. They are the automobile everybody wants to drive, but few ever will.

Also, they look fantastic – prestige cars make heads swivel and necks crane as they pass by. They are the cars of royalty and film stars, the type of vehicle you see pulling up by the red carpet, sweeping up the drive of a stately home, or roaring through a city accompanied by a motorcycle escort – with the traffic parting to let it pass.

And the actual experience of driving one of these automobiles is out of this world. You don’t just move in a car like this – you glide. And the suspension is something else, as it feels like you are floating on a cushion of air.

But being behind the wheel of one of the world’s greatest cars inevitably comes with a hefty price tag. That is why so few people get to experience the joy of driving a prestige automobile.   

But it doesn’t have to be an impossible dream, you can be part of it – enjoying the incredible prestige driving experience and level of comfort that comes when you are driving one of the finest cars ever made.

How? Simply by hiring a prestige car, rather than buying one.

And we can help you live that dream.

At Bespokes, we are the UK’s premier prestige car rental company – and we’ve been in the business since 1995. We offer a wide selection of amazing cars, which can be yours for a day, a week, a month – or even longer. And, with prices starting from just £325 per day, you can enjoy a self-drive hire experience for a snip of what it costs you to buy one of these amazing automobiles.

Our Prestige Car Rental Collection

There are many reasons to hire and enjoy a prestige car

  • You may want to impress a client – and who could fail to be impressed by the elegance and sophistication of one of the world’s greatest cars?

  • Maybe you want to do something memorable for that special person in your life, and arrange a self-drive hire weekend they will never forget

  • Or, perhaps you want to add a dazzling touch to a wedding, by hiring a prestige car that will make everyone gasp as the bride arrives in serious style 

 Whatever the reason, we can make it happen – and give you the chance to drive the car of your dreams.

And – unlike some other prestige car hire providers – we own all the vehicles in our large fleet. The majority of prestige car rental firms don’t own their own vehicles, so must rely on leasing them from third parties as an order comes in. This can lead to confusion and last-minute cancellations, as they have to rely on another company to fulfil the order.

But, because we own every prestige car we hire out, this won’t ever happen with us. We know exactly what is available and when – so you will never be let down. Instead, when you hire a prestige car from Bespokes you will get the automobile you want, when you want it.

And we make it easy for you to pick up your car. You can either collect from our depots in London, Bristol and Cheshire, or we can bring the car straight to you – whatever suits you best.

And for our international customers, we offer a ‘meet and greet’ prestige car hire service at any UK airport – so you can hit the road in real style.

Are you ready to start your prestige self-drive adventure?

Finding the right car for you is an easy, hassle-free process. You just need to browse our website, pick the prestige vehicle you want to hire – then contact us to find out about prices and availability.

But if you don’t have a particular car in mind, no problem. Just give us a call and we will go through the different options available to you and explain the benefits of each car, to make sure you hire a prestige automobile that is just right for you.

Discover more about prestige car hire today. Call 020 7833 8000 or email