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£ 195
  • 150 mile allowance
  • Additional Days £75
  • £2,000 Deposit
  • Minimum Age 25

4 Day Weekend

Fri - Mon
£ 395
  • 300 mile allowance
  • Additional Days £75
  • £2,000 Deposit
  • Minimum Age 25

7 Day Week

£ 595
  • 700 mile allowance
  • Additional Days £75
  • £2,000 Deposit
  • Minimum Age 25

Extra Miles £1.00.

BMW Z4 Roadster Hire

Want to feel truly special at the wheel? The BMW Z4 roadster could be your ideal match, marrying sexy looks and stylish interior features with a throaty engine and handling to die for. One of the finest sports cars on the market, the Z4 provides everything you could want in a prestige luxury car.

The Z4 comes in a wide range of models, from the basic 154bhp 2 litre model to 6 cylinder sporty models with astonishing acceleration and power. The ride is slick and easy to handle, with BMW’s Dynamic Drive Control providing a customisable driving experience in which you can set up the steering and responsiveness to your particular whim.

The folding metal roof provides a quiet ride with the top down, and when coupled with the carefully chosen, precise instruments and controls, the drive experience is excellent. As with many of its rivals, there are excellent safety features and stability control helps keep you feeling secure even at speed. With dual-zone climate control, BMW’s excellent entertainment and navigation systems, and electric, adjustable seats, the Z4 makes you feel as good in the car as you’ll look driving it!

The Z4 Roadster has class and style in abundance, and provides a sports car feel from the entry level models upwards. For a great drive, look no further!

An upgraded interior, stiffer suspension and a myriad of other improvements help keep the California T at the top of the 4 seater GT supercar offerings from rival marques.

Car Features

  • 1.8-litre
  • Convertible
  • Red
  • Manual
  • 2 Seats
  • Bluetooth
  • Aux Port
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